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Indian Street Food is known for flavourful delights made with exotic spices that not only tantalize your taste buds but also leaves you craving for more.... Let's Chaat is here to offer 100% Vegetarian famous Indian Street Food that explodes releasing an array of rich, exotic flavours in your mouth & leave you craving for more n more...Yes! Our Indian Street Delicacies are Spicy, Tangy, Crunchy, Mouth-watering and as authentic as what you experience on Indian Streets..

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Rashmi Sharma

Owner & Head Chef

It Started, Quite Simply, Like This...

It's a really normal yet very unique journey. She began her professional career as a full-time employee in the corporate world, where she worked for more than a decade while also managing her personal life. Her girl was growing up alongside the developing necessities of companionship. Hence, she made the decision to work part-time to spend more time with her daughter & family.

This transition from plump time to piece time uncovered the hidden chef within her as her daughter & her husband are die-hard foodie. One day on the dining table, her daughter & husband asked, "Why don't you spin your passion for cooking as your job". That is it... That's all she needed...'just a microscopic push'…. That day she found the secret ingredient to a balanced life “Make a career out of your passion”.

Next day on the dining table she just said to her family "Let's Chaat" & that’s how "Let's Chaat “originated...She left the corporate earth & decided to satisfy her craving for a propitious career & at the same time fix the cravings of all those who miss Indian delicacies...& Here she is "To turn her passion into the aromatic Indian street delicacies".